A simple but powerful CI/CD orchestrator

It may seem like witchcraft...
ShamanOps allows Developers, Ops teams and Engineering teams to configure the code integration procedure.
The best part? In order to run ShamanOps, you just need a CI platform and a Kubernetes-based platform.

Awesome Ready-to-use Features

Security<br> Scan
Stress<br> Test
Secret<br> Management
Observability with<br> Costs Analysis
Observability with
Costs Analysis
User friendly<br> Logs
User friendly
Experience as a <span>Service</span>

Experience as a Service

ShamanOps is not a platform, unlike IasS, PaaS or SaaS technologies, we like to call it EaaS (Experience-as-a-Service). The simplicity of our solution allows you to integrate it to your already existing infrastructure. Our knowledge and the base you already have merge together.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Have you ever imagined having the possibility of re-deploying all your core applications in just a few minutes? With ShamanOps you can configure your DRP environment and have it ready to use in case of an emergency with the minimum RTO.

It is as simple as setting one of the feature flags in the global manifest to true.

Yes, you can. You shoud activate the feature flag in the app specific manifest.

The time your applications will take to be reborn as a phoenix should not be more than a couple of minutes.
Disaster <span>Recovery Plan</span>
Approvals and <span>Notifications</span>

Approvals and Notifications

You may easily approve or deny your application deployment from your corporate email and receive notifications of your application via:

  • Google Chat
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams

Compatibile with the most famous CI platforms

bitbucket NEW
Shamanops repository check
Shamanops Approvals
Shamanops Security check

Frequently Asked Questions

Performing yourself both the simple installation of the ShamanOps toolkit and the configuration of the deployment pipelines.

You just need to have a CI platform and a Kubernetes-based platform.

Yes, you can. As long as you meet the initial requirements, you can cover your CI/CD process with ShamanOps.

ShamanOps secret encryption services, will encrypt your confidential information at the beginning of the process, and then it could only be decrypted with your Kubernetes-based platform.

ShamanOps is compatible with Cloud, On-premise and even hybrid infraestructures.

No, we do not have access to your code. It is securely kept in your CI platform to wich only you have access. There is a defined boundary between ShamanOps and the client.